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TOT OSS in Tasikmalaya City Government

Tasikmalaya - 24 -25 November 2009, the Ministry of Research and Technology has conducted Training for Trainers (TOT) Open Source Software (OSS) in Tasikmalaya city administration, OSS TOT was conducted in the laboratory STMIK (College of Computer Information Management) Tasikmalaya Jln. RE. Martadinata No. 272A.

TOT conducted in the framework of the OSS menindaklajuti Minister Circular No. SE/01/M.PAN/3/2009 about Legal Use of Software and Open Source Sotware environment central and local governments, the use of this software is expected by the end of 2011 to be implemented.

In his speech Kadis. Transportation and Kominfo Drs. H. Imih Misbahul Munir, MSI, welcomed by the legal use of OSS software, even Tasikmalaya City Government through Mayor Dad has issued Circular No. 027/589/Dishubkominfo dated May 15, 2009, addressed to the OPD (Organization of Local Government) to immediately and accelerate at the same time requires the use of legal software Tasikmalaya City Government OSS environment.

The use of OSS will have an impact on cost savings and appreciate the work of his own nation's children. At the end of his speech asked Mr. Imih TOT suluruh participants to really training, so that the Traffic and implementation of HR increased migration to open source as expected.

While the Ministry of Research and Technology, represented by Kasubbid. Non-Commercial Items, adding that the use of OSS-based legal software, is a solution to overcome the problem of telling the illegal use of software, but can suppress software piracy rate in Indonesia and can increase the efficiency of the budget.

On this occasion the Research and Technology has provided a symbolic form of a book about the OSS policy in Indonesia and the CD distributions to Mr. Head Archipelago. Hubkominfo and to Mr. STMIK Foundation chairman.

TOT activities to force 20 (terahir) was followed by as many as 53 participants comprising of every municipal government environmental OPD from Tasikmalaya and Garut Regional Government, Ciamis, Banjar and Kebumen. (amar / IGOS)


Jumat, 20 November 2009

Fedora 12, the New Options User GNU / pains

NEW YORK - oprerasi system GNU / Linux that runs on the latest Fedora kernel, Fedora 12, finally officially released. Fedora is a popular operating system among users of this open system promises to make Linux better.

Fedora 12 with the presence of this, which makes the choice of technology open source platform for administrators to become more diverse. Initial ramdisk setup tool named Dracut will help keep the boot time as low as possible. In addition, the new OS will also support for ext4 and GRUB Kernel Mode Setting (KMS) which is enabled by default on systems NVIDIA cards, ATI and Intel so it can work faster with smooth graphics.

For those that use Samba, the addition of comprehensive GFS2 will occur in Samba and improvements in high availaility (HA) clustering that makes sharing data across machines easier and more reliable.

Fedora 12 also features update the security system and a number of improvements that use virtualization to be more efficient memory, and provides a hardware solution is more flexible and improve the performance of a virtual disk image.

As quoted by Net-Security, Wednesday (18/11/200) in Fedora 12 users can even create scripts to perform complex tasks directly on the image. In essence, Fedora 12 assist in uniting all the diverse cultures into a single virtual functional system.

NetworkManager feature helps with expanded support for mobile broadband, which facilitates the withdrawal of Bluetooth and integrated password management. With this feature makes surfing and communicating with just one click.

Adding tomcat administration tool on tomcat apache 5.5.27


Thu 2008 at 18:25 pm by Yustian M

Because there are requests from a friend about the article I package additional administration tool for Apache web server tomcat. Associated with these two now and I'll tell you how to answer - how to manufacture. Tomcat Administration Tool is a web-based tool to manage the GUI base administrators such as Tomcat tomcat server, Resources, and User Definition that will certainly help to manage the web server tomcat. Follow the following ways to make the process:

1. Make sure you have installed JDK 1.6 and Apache Tomcat 5.5.27.
2. Download the source package Apache Tomcat 5.5.27 Admin.
3. Exract package apache tomcat directory. For example:

C: \ Program Files \ Apache Software Foundation \ Tomcat 5.5

4. Then restart the server.
5. Open the browser http://localhost:8080/admin.

6. For the User Name and Password that is used please see the tomcat-users.xml file in the directory Tomcat 5.5 \ conf

Hopefully the above tutorial to help friends - friends to learn Java, especially JENI 3.

Installing fonts on ubuntu windows 8:10 (festy)

Even if you use OpenOffice, you may still want all the Microsoft TrueType fonts so that documents created using Word or PowerPoint look as they should when you open it with OpenOffice. In addition, Microsoft Fonts installed with our browsing will be better because the page will appear as the designer originally intended for them. Most web pages are designed with Microsoft fonts known. Stylesheet that determines this font. In Linux, set the font currently not available on your computer, they will be replaced by generic equivalents. With these fonts installed, you will see the page as designed. To enter letters, you just need to in Ubuntu is to install the msttcorefonts package. Instructions for installation are given below. Microsoft TrueType fonts provided by the package include:

* Andale Mono

* Arial Black

* Arial (Bold, Italic, Bold Italic)

* Comic Sans MS (Bold)

* Courier New (Bold, Italic, Bold Italic)

* Georgia (Bold, Italic, Bold Italic

* Impact

* Times New Roman (Bold, Italic, Bold Italic)

* Trebuchet (Bold, Italic, Bold Italic)

* Verdana (Bold, Italic, Bold Italic)

To do this, enable the "Universe" component of the repository. This is done by default in Feisty. After you do this, use the following command from the command line:

$ Sudo apt-get install msttcorefonts

This will provide the core fonts, but if there are other TrueType fonts to be installed, is as easy as copying the font files to ~ /. Fonts / directory. After installing new fonts, you need to logout and log back in to be able to see and use the new fonts. If you want to avoid this, you can be repaired by the font cache issue the following command:

$ Sudo fc-cache-FV


9.4 has been released or Sabily ubuntume

After Ubuntu 9.04 released on 20 April 2009 yesterday, not long later emerged that Ubuntu has the modifications (plus) with a variety of Islamic software. Linux was previously more popular with the name of Ubuntu Moslem Edition and this time changed the name Sabily.

Sabily 9:04 with the code name Taibah includes various Islamic software, such as prayer reminders, the Qur'an browser, reading the Qur'an a sheikh, and other

You can get it here

http://mugos.ums.ac.id/pub/iso/Ubuntu% 20ME /

good luck ...


Enabling compiz on ubuntu 9.4 or Jaunty

Compiz is a 3D desktop application that is on linux, ... .. compiz will be active if the VGA in the PC or Leptop that we have been active .... nah just here are the steps ...

Add/remove…">1 First click Application -> Add / remove ...

compiz.., setelah itu beri centang lalu –> click Apply canges…..">2.Well then searce -> compiz .., after that last check settings -> click Apply canges ... ..

compiz.., setelah itu beri centang lalu –> click Apply canges…..">

Apply…">3.Then click -> Apply ...


4. The Best package files ...

Installation applications ... ..

6. Checks Application ....

7. The complete lali pengistallan click Add / remove Applicatiom more ...

8. Clos after install add / remove ..

kanan pada desktop –> click canges desktop background….">9. Then click -> right on the desktop -> click the desktop background ... canges.
visual effect">10. After the show then click -> visual effects

visual effect">

Aplication –> System Tools –> Compiz Fusion Icon…">11. Then click -> Application -> System Tools -> Compiz Fusion Icon ...

Aplication –> System Tools –> Compiz Fusion Icon…">

click kakan pada icon tersebut –> click setting manager….">12 Well at the top right will display the icon and Compiz -> click on the icon points out -> click settings manager ....

click kakan pada icon tersebut –> click setting manager….">

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source: adhy06

Restore GRUB Loader 9.4 Missing After Ubuntu Install Windows

Usually if you have a dual boot OS instance: Linux and Windows, and chance of error or windowsnya often hangs, and no intention to reinstall OS windowsnya, if we want to reinstall GRUB Loader Linux probably would be lost because when install windows will rewrite / delete MBR (Master Boot Record) is available and will remove GRUB Loader Linux, how to restore GRUB Loader Linux is one of them by way of using Linux Live CD, for example Jaunty ubuntu desktop version, knoppix, etc.. After linux live cd is running, then open a terminal, as root type the command grub;

to find out what partitions there;

grub> geometry (hd0);

drive 0×80: C/H/S = 9729/255/63, The number of sectors = 156301488, /dev/sda

Partition num: 0, Filesystem type unknown, partition type 0×7

Partition num: 4, Filesystem type unknown, partition type 0×7

Partition num: 5, Filesystem type unknown, partition type 0×7

Partition num: 6, Filesystem type unknown, partition type 0×82

Partition num: 7, Filesystem type is ext2fs, partition type 0×83

Pada partisi diatas terlihat bahwa partisi nomor 7 yang menggunakan linux, lalu ketik:

grub> root (hd0,7);

untuk menjadikan GRUB Loader-nya berada di MBR, ketik;

grub> setup (hd0);

Checking if “/boot/grub/stage1? exists… yes

Checking if “/boot/grub/stage2? exists… yes

Checking if “/boot/grub/e2fs_stage1_5? exists… yes

Running “embed /boot/grub/e2fs_stage1_5 (hd0)”… 17 sectors are embedded.


Running “install /boot/grub/stage1 (hd0) (hd0)1+17 p (hd0,7)/boot/grub/stage2

/boot/grub/menu.lst”… succeeded


That's one way to restore GRUB Loader Linux ubuntu Jaunty missing since erased when install Window.